Friday, November 7, 2008

NY Times pictures - nov 04 2008

Samira emailed me this NY Times post - mushtaq, kamila and myself had picked a random restaurant in the heart of black La to dine and usher in the new president - turned out we were in an historic place at a historic time - id figured we need to be with Obama's community whether he won or lost the night - most telling was that besides the reporters we were the only non black people in the entire neighbourhood, making merry and reveling with our fellow black brothers and sisters! realised for the first time how large the divide, how gaping the mistrust, how baseless the fear.
Leimert park here we come!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nov 05 08
election night - Leimert Park - creole restaurant - celebrating with jubilant black folks -
such a sense of happiness and relief - such a dignified humble speech.
never expected to feel this connection with American politics and politicians - but for Barrack Hussein Obama. finally a man of integrity and leadership, drawn each lazy, lackadaisical, who cares type person into the thick of must care and even more must do now.
here's to finally knowing why this country has been a beacon to so many for so long.