Wednesday, September 30, 2009

so why deal with khatmaals and pissus..bed bugs in every form. why squat to cook, to wash clothes, dishes, to bathe. why boil water for the thrice a week bath, and one to boil the bug ridden clothes and sheets every few days. why lay the mattress and all else out in the sun while i bike to school so i can teach landscape design to a bunch of girls who dont have a clue what that means. east west north south what does that matter??? teach by planting
a teaching garden???
take interviews of school children
and teachers
and principals
what for??
poke around every garden in Shigar
poke around some more
we're understanding balance and perspective and rhythms and line and in the wilderness, in this village, from this spot, looking at the mountain here in this field, from this garden.?

none of it makes sense to them ...its only barely making sense to me...who knew teaching meant so many things all at once.....................