Saturday, December 5, 2009

farrokhs wedding
dec 04 2009

it was april. sunny, blue sky, spring at its best at mesa verde...i took her call on my cell phone. she said she had news for me. "walking in the virginia woods one afternoon, I asked for a sign from Him, something, anything, to reassure me that life will be lived with dignity and peacefully into old age. my eyes were shut, it had been a cloudy day, but when i looked up and saw a silver lining behind rain clouds i knew all of life would fall right into place. where it belongs - in the cradle of love..i met Robert soon after, fell in love and weve decided to marry." no she didnt say any of this in this dry fashion, but thats how i can relate it as simply as i can. she went on to describe him, many little details about his personality, that made for a perfect partner in life. one that is so worth waiting for and going through so many hurdles to get to....she was so very happy, so much at peace. in a very different way so was i ....both of us feeling how blessed we are.

i came to karachi a little after my landscaping/teaching assignment ended in Shigar. Moniyas mehfil was a few days later. it was also the night that nargis arrived from bangkok, with an ulcerated eye. salmaan and robert met us at the AKU hospital, straight from the airport. deposited nargis at home, tucked in bed to rest and got to the ganay ki mehfil at its tail end.