Tuesday, December 23, 2008

dec 24 08 - noon

my journey to china
it began two weeks back from pindi - with detours to shimshal (for a wedding) then in and out of hunza/gilgit/skardu for some time - today finally ill be off on the kkh to Sost and hopefully Kashgar tomorrow from there.
they tell me the border closes on dec 26 - that i should simply go back to islamabad and take the flight to urumqi - no one can comprehend why i want to bus it in this weather - how can i explain myself - its the same as taking cruises - you either love it or you dont. i dont! i need to walk the walk, feel the earth, see, touch, connect with its people, the elements - no air travel short cuts for me, at least where i can use the roads.

to kashgar ----

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