Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 22 2011
Pasadena Ca

so what do i make of a year in Los Angeles
much has happened
yet nothing concrete --lots in the pipe line -sometimes clogged sometimes running smoothly!

Mahera's 'Garden in Shigar' documentary was entered in the WVN film festival in Nov last year.
got tons of viewers and lots of recognition
plenty of good will so far
but no concrete hard cold cash to sponsor the work, get it started, and see it continue.

It has made it to the final round and in a few weeks ill know if it wins an award or not. Irrespective, it gets screened at the Los Angeles film school on March 19, and i sit on a post screening panel discussion with Catinca Tabaracu the CEO of WVN and other panelists.
That in itself is a long long way from Shigar and its reality, from the reasons Mahera filmed, or i taught, from the simple quiet months of engagement with the five girls and practically all of Shigar proper.

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